If you wanna cry, I’ll be your shoulder
If you wanna laugh, I’ll be your smile
If you wanna fly, I will be your sky
Anything you need that’s what I’ll be
You can come to me

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FAQ & Ask

Please read this first before asking questions. It makes this a lot easier for me.

Theme Questions

Where did you learn to write themes?
I’ve taught it myself by looking at the codes other people wrote and trying to understand them. Also google can be a great help, if you are trying to find out how to include single features.

Do you make themes on request?
Sometimes, if I have the time and want to. You can always ask, but I won’t promise anything.

When will you post new themes?
I am currently working on revamping and improving my old themes, I have taken down some time ago. They will be back up soon and then there will be new ones too.

Edit Questions

What program do you use?
For graphics it’s Photoshop CS5 and 6 and Topaz. The videos are done with Sony Vegas 10.

Can you do an edit of…?
Maybe, if I want to. Ask and we’ll see.

Where do you get your pictures from?
Sorry for the stupid answer, but google. Just type in the name of the celebrity you want and gallery and see what will come up.

Other Questions

What’s your name? How old are you? Where are you from?
Angi, 19 and Germany.

What can be found on here?
This blog is multifandom, so here’s pretty much all kinds of stuff.

How many followers do you have?
Enough for me ;)

Promo for promo?
No, sorry.

Follow back?
I check out the people that follow me and if I like their blogs, I’ll follow back. Although I will check out your blog again if you ask.

Anything else? Feel free to message me.


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